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Rising abruptly from the northwestern and western coasts of the South American continent are the Andes. They consist of a single chain in Venezuela, in the north, and through much of Chile and Argentina, in the south, but the central part of the mountain system consists of two or three parallel axes of mountains, known as cordilleras, or ranges.  Among the two dozen peaks that exceed an elevation of 17,000 ft (equivalent to 5,182 m) are a number of active volcanoes located in south central Chile, southern Peru and Bolivia, and Ecuador.
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Hot Thermal Baths in Pucón, Chile
Pucón is near the volcano, lake and town, all named Villarica.

Pucón is a small town on the skirts of Villarica Andean Volcano and close to the city of Valdivia at the southern part of Chile in a place called the area of the lakes.  This particular day it was snowing and very cold when we arrived at the site of the Thermal Hot Baths of  Pucón.  You can see some people in the pool and some where having their wine.  This image was caught with the Nikon F100 camera and a 35-70/2.8D lens with Kodak film.